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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Suckage on a non-Taleo website

Today's job search frustration is brought to you by Brassring, which I have found to be marginally better than Taleo's offering.

Which is not to say that it doesn't have its own lake of suck. Let's examine it:

Time Warner uses Brassring. When I get to the career search for the US, I get this:

*Sigh* A minor irritation to be sure. It's probably a minor oversight, but it's the type of thing that a less tech-savvy person would be really concerned about. (Although IE doesn't throw up the same error message, and I guess less tech-savvy people are more likely to be using that browser instead of Mozilla, but I digress.)

So here's the search screen...

...all I really want is all the jobs available in New York, New York, so it looks like the thing I want to do is go through the list..

Well you get the idea. It's pretty painful to scroll through hundreds of entries in a really small scroll box. It's true, Time Warner has an unusually large quantity of locations, but at least the geniuses at Taleo have figured out how to refine searches down easier. (Since the box is so small, the scroll bar on the side does three things--it brings you all the way to the top, all the way to to bottom, and some place in the middle that inevitably will be wrong.)

Wow, there are a lot of cities in Kentucky.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am also very frustrated with TALEO, to think that they are listed on the stock exchange is pure rubbish. Their software is not even intuititve. I have never hated something so much. Nice to see you put up a blog for this, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Biggest pile of crap I've seen, can't believe companies are using this piece of junk! Not intuitive, GUI looks messy, frustrating to upload all of your information that you already have on your CV. The tool which extracts data from your CV is laughable at best.

Anonymous said...

Brassring, Taleo, psychometric testing up the yin-yang...It's all bulls**t. Anybody who actually believes any of this crap, and who is an actual human being with a pulse, is a total tool. The second I see one of these URL's come up in response to a job search, I quit, click the little red x on the browser tab and move on. I don't want to work for any company who utilizes these cumbersome and obtuse methods. They can only produce morons. It's bad enough already, having to work with idiots. I don't need to sink further.

Anonymous said...

I have never encountered anything that frustrated me so much with so little results as taleo /brass ring and other asst bullshit applications. Its bad enough being unemployed, then you have to wade through this to be turned down for a job? No thanks, I have better ways to waste my time.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. These sites are so poorly designed that I wonder how many highly qualified applicants they lose simply because they refuse to apply through them. I know I've been so frustrated with them that I'm starting to avoid them, too. Wonder how much these companies stick HR departments for that crap.

Jason said...

I'm in BrassRing jail. I tried to reset my password, which issues me a link via email to initiate this. I open the link to a page that asks me a security question. I have tried every variation of "Name your first school"... and by answering incorrectly, it locks my account. I tried to create a new account and noticed "Name you first school" is the default security question. I don't recall selecting that to be my security question to end all security questions.

There is no IT or helpdesk you can call to get this fixed on the backend. I associated my main email with this site and now it won't let me in. I'm close to creating a fake email given I can't get in with the mine.

I'm so annoyed at this. It worked fine a year ago, and now i'm on the outside looking in.

Help! If anyone knows how to fix, I would appreciate it.