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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome, now please re-enter all your information all over again

You've arrived at this blog because you either searched for the term Taleo or you actually put two and two together and searched for "Taleo Sucks."

The point of this blog is a place to air out bad corporate job sites. Taleo appears to be market leader of this mediocrity--supplying an outsource job listing/application system that is used by quite a lot of companies.

Undoubtedly it's a great tool for companies who get reams and of well-filtered data after we, the job applicants, fight with the site and its strange consistencies.

Unfortunately, I have understood that telling the potential employer that their job site sucks is a less than effective approach (though, trust me, I have.) And so far, when I've had technical issues with a Taleo site, my attempts to get customer service have been entirely unsuccessful (and they were sincere technical issues and not just me telling them how thoroughly they screw the pooch raw.)

So, fellow job candidate, come to this site and rant with me. It's not just anti-Taleo, feel free to discuss the lameness of any job site.

And if you really want, we can also talk about the good some sites do.


Anonymous said...

Errors, Does not recognize user name.
Password incorrect. I don't consider myself a novice with computers but this site is impossible!!!! To make it worse Hyatt Directors say I may not fax in the resume - I must use the site. Spent 5 to 8 hours in just one day. This was after I had managed to complete an application a few months ago! Forget getting back to your account. Forget about it!
Then yes after you re-enter all your information and correct it - again, a new error message and suddenly the job is not available!

Could there be a legal work around?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I go to a company's job site and they have chosen to use Taleo, I know that it is going to suck. The interface is for retards.

ryan said...

This blog is 100% Accurate. I share the same opinion. Also, if you forget your password, or log in name. Taleo says they will send it to you. That never happens. They have a very stupid interface. Also, if you want to search for another job category using a different resume to draw on more than one set fo skills, Taleo is totally inflexible.

Taleo makes it impossible for client companies to hire the best because a talented and skilled applicant cannot navigate the interface because Taleo is a Failure! Sorry for the exclaimation points but Taleo does not give one iota about any job seeker, and all they do is take money from client companies. If any company had any common sense they would CANCEL their contract with Taleo.

The blogger who said that you end up repeating your log in is CORRECCT. Users get stuck in limbo and a circuitous loop of logging in, and just about posting a resume, and then shazam! the log in process starts all over again!! <<it might be funny if it wasn't for the purpos of applying for job!

From a Posting in November 2009 posted by another user, it's very clear that Taleo continues its incompetence and arrogance towards end users. As of February 28, 2010 the misery of using Taleo continues with the same defects in User Interface Design.

I completely dislike Taleo for its flawed design, and it's poor quality assurance. If a job application requires the use of Taleo, I always look for other ways to apply to a company I am interested in because Taleo is too problematic to make it worth the effort. I simply don't trust Taleo's product or its resume processing internet protocols. The need aa usability engineer, a Quality Assurance departmenet, and a less condescending approach towards end users in general.

In fact, I doubt my resume will even reach the company because Taleo's entire system remains to be be huge failure. The company's behavior towards customers and job applicants is remarkably like some of the software start up companies run amock we saw in the last part of the 1990s.

Makes a person wonder if someone at Taleo wants all the jobs in North America to go to offshore applicants in India?!! Taleo makes it impossible to apply for anything, and I find their activities suspect. It's as though the interface was intentionally designed for failure?

Emplyers: Please cancel your contracts with Taleo and save your money for better and more reliable talent search providers. Do your talent acquisition the old fashioned way and it will be more efficient than Taleo's failed useless self-serving produt offerings.

Anonymous said...

1) Why I have to recreate the same profile for different companies - not efficient use of time. Why would companies and HR departments pick that system? Doesn't make any sense.

2) spent so much time today trying to apply for Thomson Reuters positions, but the search does not function well and keeps giving me locations outside of my search scope. jQuery or Java functionality with Hide Search Show Search is very bad, keeps scrolling up and closes my search

3) Went to Visa's job search and now it wants me to re-create my Taleo account yet AGAIN? This is moronic.

Anonymous said...

I just figured out that Taleo is the one who makes this system and I just wanted to say thanks for letting me vent out. I'm glad other people hate running into this crap.

I mean, I'm not glad we do, just that I'm not the only one who thinks it sucks. :)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. I oftentimes avoid any business who uses Taleo. I figure if they are engaging in business with Taleo, they can't be a good company to join.

sathish said...

I completely disagree many of your comments. I have used Taleo for applying jobs in companies and it worked well. When you compare with other Talent management tool in the market, Taleo has lots of benefits and option, one of it to name is RESUME PARSING option. When you use this, the system automatically reads the Resume and fills all the necessary information into the database, the only job for the applicant is to check and validate the information.

One main drawback which applicant face is the immediate support when they have issues, for which I suggest that the companies must post a Candidate support center details like mail support or Telephone support to address these small issues which are quite simple.

Anonymous said...

yes they really suck, redirection a hussle, then some wierd guy calls you from some forien country trying to hussle you more, disgusting

Anonymous said...

If I see online job application the is .taleo, I won't even touch it anymore. No. I'm not going through page after page of pain and frustration just to have the whole thing time out and bounce me back to the start.

Done with taleo. Refuse.

Anonymous said...

Taleo was created by the devil himself. I am 62 (COBOL programmer) and I'm pretty sure most companies have their personal Taleo parameters programmed to throw out anyone over 55. I would rather stick knitting needles in my eyes rather than do another Taleo application. Taleo, GO TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG. May you BURN eternally there!!!!

John Barness said...

For the enterprises that use virtual data rooms, there is no need to rewrite something or take care of their data security.